“castor oil for eyelashes”

Believe it or not we never take care of our eyelashes but in the end we want them to look fluffy..eyelashes frame our eyes it is underrated but yet important feature on our face..

We use mascara to make our eyes look wide and big..and it is obvious that more lustrous lashes make the eyes seem larger and attractive  and we all want that..right??? I think taking care of our eyeslashes on a daily basis is important and we all should be doing that..because they need the same care that we give to other parts of our body..


“castor oil” it is effective because it does make Ur lashes dark,thick and is capable of preventing them from breaking..it also does trigger the growth of eyelashes at some places where they are not present..instead of spending money  on any other cosmetic product which claims to grow our lashes..but takes a lot more time …spend some money on castor oil and trust me u will see a great result..and will save you a bunch of cash..castor oil is actually packed with nutrients that promote natural hair growth..the oil is very thick n the thick oil is Rich in fatty acids and proteins which help strengthen lashes and create that natural full lash line

How to apply??

1: clean your face as you normally would but make sure you remove all of our makeup and no traces of makeup is left especially around your eyes.

2:take a old  mascara wand but make sure you clean it before using and slowly dip the wand into the castor oil, u can even use eyeliner brush..

3:now with the brush apply the oil carefully focusing mainly on the roots and then taking upwards..

4: I like to apply it during the night time and suggest u to do the same..

 Hope you enjoy reading this post and I hope it works for you as well..!!


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