“Hitting pan”

“Hitting pan” can be a great moment for all the makeup freaks .. because u exactly know how it feels..when it comes to me I feel two emotions sad and happy ..happy becoz I’ve finally used a product for long and adding a new product to my favourite list is amazing..and sad becoz I have completed the product and it’s over😨 It makes me more exciting but less sad..what is about finishing a product makes us makeup freaks all exciting??? Does seeing the silver pan really makes us feel accomplished..??

So ths is the product which I have lovingg, which is my go-to contour/bronzer, blush,highlight palette..

So ths is the product which is by makeup revolution blush,bronze and brighten palettes..there are four palettes in total and what exactly comes in each of the palette is a blusher,highlighter and a bronzer shade..the different shades suit different skin tones..each shade can layered on quite strong to create one hell of a sheen.
Just by looking at the palette it is obvious that i have been using it non stop..i love the texture of these it is creamy soft but not too soft which makes it easy to work with..it blends like a dream..take very less effort to blend.you can even use the bronzer for contouring..the bronzer shade is very warm and hence you can wear it on everyday basis..You get like 11g of product for 850 rs which is quite affordable you can get on nykaa or amazon..!

The blush shade is very light and it ended up being the perfect pink for me not to dark and not to light the perfect peachy pink..which has some reflex of shimmer it is not exactly matte but has some shimmer in it..it is quite pigmented and can be layered on if necessary..!!

The highlighter😍😍 highlighters are so my thing i can just put on some highlighter and i would be all ready to go out..hence ths highlighter is perfect it is very soft and pigmented as well …you can layer it up and you are ready to blind any1..
The bronzer is a warm tone brown and is pigmented..it has a lil bit of sheen to it..it doesn have any shimmer particals but has a sheen which actually does look good..!!!

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