5 looks from a one dress

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So starting with my first blog….  TBH writing for the first time is hard..so as I was thinking what to write I came with this idea of creating 5 looks with one dress n it turned out pretty well so I’ll be sharing 5 looks which can be wored on a daily basis which Is simple to create n can be wored when u r in fuss n have no time to dig in ur closet and worry about what to wear….

Just took a simple one piece with a cut at the neck area which makes the dress stand out and paired it with some other pieces to create a look..ths is the look which you can wear when you have to go for a party and you can even wear it when u have a casual occasion by  pairing it up with some pieces which makes it casual..

So pairing it with a tee shirt which makes it more casual and can be wored when you have to go out with your friends and  I just thought of tieing a knot around..I just feel tieing knot makes any outfit ..be it dress or jeans pop…n I  just added a pair of sneakers to make it look more casual
So dis next look is something I would wear everyday if I can..I paired a long smaxi skirt with the dress which has slit on its side which makes it look more cool n for shoes I went with Gladiators the slit on the side makes the gladiator stand out..
So in dis one I just threw a basic red& black oversized shirt which makes it looks different and lot casual so can wear any kind of accesory with dis one but I choose to keep it simple
  how can I even forget off shoulder tops ..?? Don’t have a plain black skirt?? Try dis I jus wore a red off shoulder on top of the dress and made it look as if I wored a skirt and a top.. dis look is one of fav becoz it changes my complete outfit…off shoulder tops r so in and it makes any full outfit look amazing..

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